Your Supplier of Hikvision Video Surveillance Cameras in South Africa

Hikvision video surveillance cameras can provide an extensive range of solutions for businesses, estates, farms and the public sector that stretch beyond security measures. If you are looking for a supplier of Hikvision video surveillance cameras and equipment, Sensor Security, an authorised Hikvision and Western Digital distributor, is your first choice in South Africa! Sensor Security supplies an extensive range of Hikvision products, including CCTV and office access control equipment and systems. In this article, we discuss the value of Hikvision video surveillance solutions, its applications, and its function for a business.

The Value of Hikvision Video Surveillance

Businesses that have Hikvision CCTV systems can reap a variety of security and monitoring benefits from utilising such a system. CCTV’s primary function is to discourage criminal activity on your premises but can also be used to observe various business processes for improvements. Hikvision video surveillance cameras can also be used for video evidence and reference within disciplinary scenarios and for law enforcement purposes. Sensor Security’s wide selection of Hikvision products include thermal cameras with enhanced imaging to monitor temperatures for predictive maintenance, and early detection of potential threats.

How Can I Utilise a Hikvision Video Surveillance System for My Business?

Hikvision video surveillance cameras can be utilised in a variety of useful applications that revolve around security and creating a safer business environment. The Hikvision range includes options from analogue to network camera solutions to suit your specific needs and preferences. Hikvision cameras can be used for vehicle and person identification, thermal scanning, people counting, process improvement, facial recognition, incident detection and a host of other applications. CCTV footage can also be recorded and stored for future reference on Western Digital hard drives suitable for the enterprise market – another element in which Sensor Security can assist your business.

The Function of Hikvision Video Surveillance in a Modern Business

Modern businesses utilise a variety of modern technology for process automation, more efficient and safer work environments, and more secure access to assets. Hikvision video surveillance cameras can also be put under this bracket of business improvement via technological implementation.

Sensor Security offers technical support and training on all Hikvision products for our registered customers, as well as repairs and maintenance for Hikvision and Western Digital equipment. With the most comprehensive range of Hikvision products available in South Africa, you can rest assured that Sensor Security will be able to supply you what you need for your CCTV installation. The Sensor Security technical support team can assist you in getting the most out of your Hikvision system through site audits, system designs, proof of concept, as well as repair and maintenance support services.

Sensor Security is your holistic supplier of all Hikvision electronic solutions in South Africa! Contact us today to enquire about any Hikvision product at

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