Your Solution to Office Access Control Products in Southern Africa

With the start of a new year, the time is ideal to consider office access control equipment for your business. Sensor Security offers all-encompassing solutions when it comes to electronic security equipment, data storage, and renewable energy products in South Africa! We sell a variety of office access control products that can be useful for creating a safe and secure work environment for your employees. In this article, we discuss our range of products and what you can expect from Sensor Security, an authorised Hikvision distributor, when choosing us in 2024.

Office Access Control Products

Our extensive range of Hikvision office access control products include access control terminals, door closers, emergency door releases, and facial recognition, finger print and tag readers. One of our authorised installers can design a tailored solution for your office that is ideally suited to your requirements, office space, and business type.

What is the Purpose of Access Control for My Office?

Apart from obvious security and safety concerns, office access control systems are commonly used to authorise people who want to enter the premises and provide access to buildings. Such authorisation can be done with tag and card readers, fingerprint scanners, facial recognition terminals, and a variety of similar devices to ensure that only authorised parties gain access to your office. Such means of security can also be used to regulate and monitor parties that are on your premises, as well as enforce emergency security protocols, such as lockdowns.

How Can Sensor Security Assist My Business in 2024?

Apart from having a wide range of Hikvision office access control products, Sensor Security offers training on the entire range of Hikvision products to its registered customers as well. We provide skills development training courses via in-person training opportunities for our authorised installers. Our biweekly full-day customer training opportunities cover all of Hikvision’s products and related technical topics. As a commissioned Hikvision Certified Security Associate (HCSA) training provider, trainees receive official Hikvision certification.

Sensor Security also offers technical support for our customers on all Hikvision products. Our technicians can assist installers with programming, software setup, and other technical assistance. In addition, the Sensor Security in-house, regional service centres does repairs and maintenance for products that are still under warranty and viable for repair.

As a result, all your office access control needs can be filled by Sensor Security. When you need a solution to office access control, Sensor Security is your first choice in South Africa! Feel free to browse our website for a complete catalogue of our available products and contact us today with any enquiries at

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