Why Sensor when it comes to Hikvision?

security camera on wall of office building, security system concept
security camera on wall of office building, security system concept

We have often been asked by both existing as well as potential clients how to go about choosing the right Hikvision Distributor in South Africa. When it comes to the Hikvision brand and product offerings, we firmly believe that we are the best in the industry. Listed below are a number of corroborating facts to support our statement:

Hikvision: why you need to partner with Sensor Security Systems

There are many very good reasons why Sensor is the number ONE supplier of Hikvision products in Africa. Following are but a few that should have you realise why you should use us for your Hikvision needs:

  1. Focus: Sensor is the only Hikvision distributor to focus exclusively on their products. All our money, time and energy is focused on Hikvision. We do not sell alarms, gate motors, intercom systems, electric fencing and other security products. Our people – salesmen, technical personnel and even our administrative staff – are Hikvision specialists.
  2. Stock: Sensor has the largest Hikvision stockholding in South Africa. Our current stockpile is at R40 million (a further two 40’ containers valued at R18 million are currently at sea underway to us). Apart from Sensor’s volume of stock we also carry the widest range of Hikvision products in South Africa as clearly indicated in the four Hikvision Distributors pricelists.
  3. Certified technical support: Sensor undoubtedly has the biggest technical department in the industry specialising in Hikvision and is Hikvision certified (unlike other local market players). Three of our staff furthermore received specialised training at the Hikvision Headquarters in Hangzhou, China namely Marco della Peruta, Head: Technical Department; Edmund Casaleggio, Senior Sales Consultant and Henry Brown: Director. Our technical team services Sensor’s clients throughout SA as well as 15 African countries.
  4. Training: Sensor takes great pride in sharing our Hikvision expertise with clients, and provides regular in-depth nationwide training. We will also be offering a series of courses alongside Hikvision to get our clients “Hikvision certified”: A key competitive advantage we can equip our clients with when it comes to tenders and other big projects.
  5. Guarantees: Sensor was the first South African company to offer a 3-year warranty on all Hikvision products to the dismay of our competitors who had to follow suit months later.
  6. Software customisation: Sensor is the only distributor working closely with Hikvision’s Research & Development department to specifically customise software for South African retailers such as Pick ‘n Pay and Spar.
  7. Sensor’s relationship with Hikvision: Sensor appreciates and cherishes our relationship with Hikvision which is based on sound business principles and mutual respect. Apart from an invitation to Sensor’s senior management team as a part of a goodwill trip to China, Hikvision’s president, Mr. Hu, visited us last year. We feel very honoured and proudly to say that Sensor was the only supplier he called on. The sound relationship we have established and continue to build on daily naturally holds great benefits to us.
  8. Sensor today: Sensor prides itself on being one of the most rapidly growing industry players in Southern Africa. We are continuously reaping the benefit of partnering with a global player like Hikvision to make us a financially sound, stable, solid company with over 3 000 registered clients.

Whilst we have stated, we believe, many pertinent and proven facts above, we also know that there is always room for improvement. Having said this, I invite you to contact us at any point with suggestions, queries or recommendations. Sensor will continue to strive to stay the best in the industry and service our client base to the best of our abilities.

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