The importance of correct specifications

Written by Aubrey King, Sensor Security Systems.

We often hear stories about system integrators (SIs) quoting perimeter sites without the necessary experience or training, resulting in improper systems or not meeting the expectations of the property owners or body corporates.

There are various reasons for this. Firstly, consumers generally do not know what is available on the market or, if they do basic research, they are often ignorant about the various applications of the technology.

Another reason is that estates often obtain quotes from different SIs without involving a security consultant to specify the site. Without such a single specification, the different SIs may submit quotes ranging from analogue technology as an entry level option, to a top of the range thermal option, which may lead the consumer to merely choose the cheaper option instead of the correct option.

At Sensor Security we have also burnt our fingers in the past and have come a long way to prevent the incorrect specification of CCTV equipment. If we now specify a site, we have a comprehensive checklist to complete which includes:

  • Site inspection – while google maps may be a help, it is imperative to physically walk and measure the site and confirm that there are no obtrusive signboards, trees or foliage on the perimeter.
  • Thermal design tool and lens calculator – these tools are crucial to specify cameras and for placing equipment and are available free of charge on the Internet.
  • Storage and network calculator – this tool assists in determining the required storage space and in designing the network.
  • Design tools – Many well-known brands have their own design tools, which will design according to specifications and provide a Bill of Quantities and a topology of what is needed.
  • Technical expertise – This is a crucial part of our checklist and we involve skilled and trained professionals from our technical department. In most cases, we register the site as a project but before that, our technical department, sales consultant and system integrator must approve the documentation after which our regional manager must sign-off the project.

Our checklist to optimise the correct specification for CCTV equipment is practical and efficient, and significantly contributes to customer satisfaction.

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