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security camera on wall of office building, security system concept
security camera on wall of office building, security system concept

Sensor Security Systems regards training as a critical aspect of one of our duties as a Distributor and therefore we have gone to great lengths to upgrade our training standards by implementing the following:

  1. Introduction to CCTV and IP Surveillance course:

Sensor has reached an agreement with IPTech Training, where, by making use of a voucher system, we can give access to an online course to both our personnel and clients.

In short: Sensor will, upon your registration to the course with us, provide you with a coupon which will allow you access to the online course. This will cost you R 200-00.

Upon successful completion of the course and examination, you will be awarded with a certificate. Once you present this certificate to us, your R 200-00 will be refunded back to you (this only applies to people who are registered with Sensor and support us on an ongoing basis).

Registration forms can be downloaded from our website under the heading “Training”, or requested from any Sensor sales consultant.

  1. Advanced in-house training:

Sensor will provide advanced, in-depth training to clients where they will spend a full day with both internal, as well as external security industry knowledge leaders. This course is designed to be of the highest standard in our industry.

You will be welcomed into this course once the following criteria have been met:

  1. You have successfully passed the online courses mentioned in Point 1.
  2. You have registered and paid the course fee of R 500-00 (ex VAT) into our account and sent the proof of payment through to us.

These course dates will be announced as soon as we have enough candidates (10 people per seating) confirmed and will take place throughout South Africa.

  1. Certification Courses (Hikvision & Bosch):

 These courses are conducted by the Manufacturers themselves and are the final steps in elevating your product and industry knowledge. By partaking in one, or both of these courses, you stand more of a chance of being successful when it comes to large Tenders and you can show that you have been on one of these specialised courses.

In order to qualify to be a part of these courses, you will need to complete both the online courses, as well as the advanced course.

The cost of this course will be covered by Sensor.

  1. Ad Hoc training

 Sensor offers training in special circumstances when it comes to new products on the market. Requests for such training must be sent through to our Head of Technical for approval.

The above is beneficial to Sensor, the industry and all our clients.

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