Residential Estate Security Conference 2019: Integrating man and machine for effective security and operations

Hi-Tech Security Solutions will once again be hosting the Residential Estate Security Conference on 20th August 2019. This year’s conference will be held at the Indaba Hotel in Fourways.

The theme for the conference will be integrating man and machine for effective security.

From feet on the ground and operators in the control room, through to drones in the air and managing it all (and more), the Residential Estate Security Conference 2019 will offer insight into the best practices, processes and technologies to ensure the operational efficiency of the estate’s security operation as well as its other day-to-day operational functions.

In today’s world, we hear about things like artificial intelligence and deep learning wherever we look, but what exactly is it and how can an estate benefit from enhancing its security and operations with AI. Our speaker will not be talking product, but offering insights and real-world examples into how AI makes a difference to planning, strategy and operations.

Are you considering insourcing your manned guarding function? Do you know the pros and cons, the legal responsibilities, and the financial implications of insourcing? Tony Botes will enlighten attendees about their manned guarding component as well as the upcoming legal changes the industry is and will be facing – changes that will benefit everyone, or will they?

Of course, estate security is much more than guards and Kevin Monk will address the ins and outs of managing your security operation, from the guard at the gate to technology, from control room efficiencies to information controls. And when it comes to control rooms, if you want yours to deliver value, you need to have the right people behind the screens. Dr. Craig Donald will talk about personnel selection and training aimed at getting optimal performance from your control room.

Assessing your risk

Not sure where you are in terms of your security function? Andy Lawler will discuss the process and priorities of how to conduct a risk assessment, while Bertus van Zyl will provide some insights into the use of drones for perimeter patrols and how these sophisticated technologies can enhance and support your overall security posture. She will also talk about the legal challenges of operating drones legally in South Africa – it’s a challenge, but not impossible.

When you’ve spent large amounts of money on an estate-wide network as well as a control room and operators, it’s natural that you would want to use your resources for as much as possible. The conference will also address how to incorporate operational functionality into your management platform to manage as much as possible from a single point, and how to optimise your network to provide more services and more functionality without incurring additional costs.

There will be much more at the event, including case studies and insight on optimising your technology investment. IDEMIA will be the event’s Platinum sponsor, leading a number of other sponsors in demonstrating solutions and services available to the residential estate market.

Attendees at the Residential Estate Security Conference 2019 will leave with new ideas and strategies for more effective estate protection and operation, as well as having enjoyed the opportunity to meet and converse with other people responsible for estate security and risk management.

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