Office Access Control Products and Installations for Your Business in Southern Africa

Does your business require a solution for office access control products and installations? Sensor Security is your first choice in southern Africa! Even though we do not sell directly to the end user, w  provide a range of quality access control products to installers and systems integration specialists that will help to ensure that your premises have optimised security protocols and measures in place.

Sensor Security’s range of products include Hikvision, Octopi Energy, and Western Digital branded equipment. In this article, we discuss the importance of office access control equipment and what solutions Sensor Security offers our customers.

The Importance of Proper Office Access Control

Office access control equipment can assist businesses to maintain a safe and secure work environment for their employees. With products and equipment that include facial recognition terminals, tag readers, enrolment readers, door controllers, and access control PSUs, your business can benefit from being in control of who gains access to the premises. Not only will this put your employees’ minds at ease, but also create a monitored environment regarding time and attendance management, who can access certain areas, and keeping track of who is on the premises at any point in time.

What Can My Business Expect from Sensor Security?

Sensor Security is an authorised distributor and supplier of all Hikvision products as well as a selected range of Western Digital storage solutions. Our registered customers include CCTV installers and system integration specialists. Sensor Security offers training on all Hikvision products to our customers, that include in-person skills development training courses so that our authorised installers know how to install Hikvision CCTV and office access control products and equipment correctly and professionally on your premises.

Sensor Security also offers bi-weekly customer training opportunities that focus on Hikvision products and corresponding technical topics. Sensor Security is a commissioned Hikvision Certified Security Associate (HCSA) training provider – which means that trainees receive official Hikvision certifications when attending and successfully completing training courses with Sensor Security. As a result, our authorised installers and registered customers are guaranteed to have superior knowledge on all Hikvision CCTV and office access control products.

Finally, Sensor Security offers comprehensive technical support for our registered customers on all Hikvision products. Our technicians can assist our certified installers when it comes to programming, software setup, and any other corresponding technical support services. Sensor Security also has regional service centres that can handle repairs and maintenance on Hikvision products that are under warranty and can be repaired.

When your business needs professional CCTV and office access control solutions in southern Africa, Sensor Security is your first choice. Feel free to browse our website and contact us today at

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