Manage security systems remotely with Hikvision’s Smart Managed Switches and the Hik-Partner Pro app

Hikvision’s innovative Smart Managed Switches, coupled with the Hik-Partner Pro mobile application, is revolutionizing the way installers deploy and configure security systems while offering extensive operation and maintenance capabilities. These Smart Managed Switches features a robust architecture, with 6 KV surge protection for PoE ports. The network switches range from 100 Mbps switches to high-powered Gigabit switches, designed for the specific requirements of SMB projects.

The proliferation of IP devices for a diverse range of security scenarios has underscored the importance of network switches. However, traditional plug-and-play switches, while providing connectivity, often fall short in harmonizing with other security devices, complicating system configuration as networks become more intricate.

However, with the Hikvision Smart Managed Switches, installers can seamlessly blend connectivity and management across the entire security system through the Hik-Partner Pro mobile app. Hik-Partner Pro effectively interconnects cameras, alarms, NVRs, access control devices, and software, resulting in a unified and user-friendly security system that streamlines centralized operations and maintenance.

The complete security system deployment and configuration can be accomplished with just a smartphone in three straightforward steps, simplifying and expediting the delivery process. This seamless integration equips installers with an all-inclusive experience.

Hikvision’s Smart Managed Switches empowers installers to perform network operations and maintenance remotely, eliminating the need to be physically present at the site they are servicing. Two vital components facilitate the maintenance of this setup: a user-friendly overview of the system and the capability to address arising issues promptly.

The Hik-Partner Pro mobile app offers a visual representation of the network topology, allowing installers to intuitively monitor and manage the network. This feature provides real-time updates on network health status and device connections.

Installers receive instant alarm notifications in case of network or device failures. These alerts enable quick and remote issue identification and resolution, ranging from port reboots to parameter adjustments and more. This substantially reduces system downtime, network operations and maintenance expenses.

Remote management not only saves time but also eliminates transportation expenses for installers. With Hik-Partner Pro, installers can extend and elevate their work efficiency as they maintain products using a mobile phone from any location, day or night. This enables a swift response to ensure stable system performance for their clients, ultimately serving as a potent tool for business expansion and customer satisfaction.

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