Hikvision HCSA Certification Qualification Training

Sensor is proud to have a significant number of both our Sales and Technical teams that have gone through the Hikvision HCSA course and passed. The latest three Technical team members who obtained this qualification, are Molefe Phiri, Jacques Pretorius and Thabang Selepe.

HCSA is an accreditation certification course offered by Hikvision with the aim of enabling an individual to be far more proficient in the Hikvision brand and product range. During the training, the trainer explains the devices and software using both presentations and actual equipment. Devices is a generic term for IP and analogue/turbo equipment such as cameras and recorders. The presentations are largely information based, but the importance of practically interacting with a device can never be over emphasised as this is where the knowledge is physically applied. The two day course concludes with an examination, and each trainee that successfully completes the course will be further competent and equipped to recommend solutions and support for the Hikvision devices.

We enjoy hearing feedback comments from the attendees regarding the value it represented for them:

Molefe is a Technical Assistant and specialises in device repairs. “I regard it as the best training for any Hikvision installer, technician and sales consultants. Very informative when it comes to educating customers about Hikvision products, software and operations. I already knew most of the things but it gave me a better way of applying my knowledge and improving.”

Jacques is a Senior Technical Consultant and mentioned that the training is sufficiently intense and that not all who attend always pass.

Thabang is a Technical Consultant and remarked that the training was definitely worth the time spent.

The final result is that trainee’s will know the different products and ranges sufficiently in order to discuss the devices and comfortably operate the equipment. Naturally, it does not end here and we have more team members attending the next HCSA courses, since the other modules help to keep Sensor’s knowledge of the Hikvision devices as relevant as possible.

If you have an interest in joining us on any of the training opportunities, please contact our nearest Sensor Security branch and make arrangements with the local Technical Department.

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