Financial Services


Sensor Security understands that businesses are constantly looking for effective methods to maintain and advance their competitive edge. As a result, we offer affordable, flexible, and accessible financing options to give you the financial freedom to acquire various technological assets to suit your business needs.

Sensor Security will partner with your business to gain a clear understanding of your financial needs and draw up a tailored finance plan that fits perfectly with your business goals and future success.

Asset Rental Finance

We facilitate our rental finance plans from in-house financial resources and our expert strategic business partners that operate in the asset financing and banking industry. As a result, our rental financing options can be tailored to suit the specific needs of your business and are easily accessible for most business types and sizes – giving you a financial solution that elevates your business and assists you to reach your goals.

At Sensor, we pride ourselves in being able to offer our clients asset financing options, that can be tailored to your specific needs. When it comes to asset financing, we deliver flexible options enabling both you and your client to save on working capital which ultimately ensures the growth of both your and your client’s businesses.

The Benefits of Our Tailored Rental Finance:

Custom payment plans to suit the budget of your business.

Rental fee consolidation that includes project and technology implementation, maintenance, and upgrades – putting everything under a single umbrella.

Tax-deductible monthly rental fees that serve as a smart solution when dealing with depreciating assets.

Our solutions include technology upgrade options to ensure that your business doesn’t fall behind or become obsolete – giving you a feasible solution to business continuity.

Focus on strategic investments for your business as opposed to dumping money into constant technological asset upgrades and purchases.

Your client's working capital remains unaffected.


Sensor Security’s buy-back solutions allow your business to free up capital that is already invested. This process consists of us putting a reasonable value on one of your business’s technological assets and offering a buy-back solution against a rental finance agreement – turning a capital expenditure model into an operating expenditure model that injects capital back into your business and lends itself to other rental financing benefits.

Sensor Security offers a “no-obligation” asset valuation service to assist businesses throughout the transition into rental financing and flexible finance management for the foreseeable future.

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