Hikvision is releasing their fever screening thermals!

Hikvision is releasing their fever screening thermals!

Fever screening thermals are none contact and highly efficient measurement solutions

With advanced detectors and algorithms, Hikvision’s Fever Screening Thermal Cameras can detect elevated body temperatures in moving crowds such as passengers, commuters and shoppers, with an accuracy rate of ±0.5 ℃.

Why choose Hikvision thermal products?


AI Human Body Detection – Fixes the measurement area to human bodies, thus reducing false alarms.

Unique Developed Algorithm – Accuracy of temperature measurement is highly reliable.

Embedded Audio Alarms – Trigger alarms to notify operators when a person with a fever pass by.

One-Stop Solution – Easier for customers to set up a complete solution with a rich product portfolio.


How does the thermal fever screening work?

1. Set up a screening channel

Set up a quick screening channel indoors to separate the space into a few parts.

2. Thermal camera quick screening

Using thermal fever screening solutions to do quick screening of the moving crowd with accuracy.

3. Thermometer secondary check

For a person identified with a fever, use a thermometer to double-check.

Three solutions of Hikvision thermal fever screening


Professional handheld thermographic camera + Tripod (optional) + iVMS-4200 (PC) / Hik-Thermal (Mobile app)


-Supports Wi-Fi, real-time audio alarm and automatic uploading of screen captures.
-Touch screen
-Flexible temperature measurement areas
-Accuracy is ±0.5 ℃


HD Bullet Fever Screening Thermographic Camera + Accessories + iVMS-4200 + PoE Switch.


-Thermal resolution of 384*288
-A fever screening range of 4.5 to 9 meters
-Accuracy is ±0.5 ℃
-Supports 4 MP optical channel

Optional Blackbody calibrator enhances the accuracy to ±0.3 ℃


Bullet/Turret Fever Screening Thermographic Camera + Tripod + Tripod adaptor + iVMS-4200+ PoE Switch


-Supports temperature-exception audio alarms
-Supports AI human body detection, and screening multiple targets
-Accuracy is ±0.5 ℃
-Supports 4 MP optical channel
-Easy installation and simple configuration

Hikvision Fever Screening Thermal Products

Hikvision is now hosting training webinars!


In light of the lockdown situation announced by the President to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, Hikvision South Africa created online webinars to keep you well-informed about their products no matter where you are! Register to secure a space by following this link: . The first webinar “Fever Screening Thermal Solution”, is happening this Friday, the 27th March at 10:00-11:00 am

For more information and pricing, please contact your Sensor Sales Consultant or local Sensor branch.


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