Announcement: Sensor Security expanding into wireless broadband

Announcement: Sensor Security expanding into wireless broadband

Moving with the times at high quality speed

Already leading from the front as the leading independent importers and distributers of access control, fibre optics, fire, PA and surveillance equipment, Sensor Security is expanding into an entirely new product class altogether: wireless, or more specifically, ultra-fast wireless broadband. This move means that Sensor’s clients will be able to transfer video, sound, and data over long distances via a wireless product solution without relying on third party data networks.

Marco Della Peruta, the Head of Technical Services at Sensor Security explains, “Video surveillance cameras typically transfer information using third-party networks, which can be limiting. And this is where we see data transfer technology, which can deliver fast, stable and reliable connectivity in high interference applications, playing a vital role.”

With this thinking in mind, Sensor set about finding the right partner brand to help them achieve their goal. “LigoWave is a US-based company that – just like our other premium brand partners – matches our commitment to quality. They also produce a carrier-class product, which means that there is a strong emphasis on durability and cost efficiency. In short, we feel that LigoWave is the ideal choice for the African market”.

New generation point to multipoint systems

Marco explains, “The way these products work is that data is sent via a sender and receiver. This in itself is not new, but what is exciting is that there is zero reliance on civil hardware – and zero red tape! What is also exciting is the carrier’s ability to handle high throughput (up to 700Mbps over a proprietary protocol) of triple-stream services, which is of key importance when it comes to heavy duty, real-time video surveillance.”

Overcoming physical challenges

“Another advantage,” Marco continues, “is that this new technology provides a solution to the challenge of covering rugged terrain. In South Africa, for example, remote locations or testing physical environments means that there is often no – or very little – existing cable infrastructure to make use of. What’s more, the LigoWave point to multipoint network can cover great distances.”

Industrial-rated design

“The intelligence behind the LigoWave product range is highly appealing too. The units are specifically designed to be easy to deploy and easy to configure. The hardware carries an IP67 weather rating and has integrated surge protection. And given the increase of noise in the unlicensed band, a reliable and stable connection is increasingly difficult to achieve, which is why metal enclosures work as a deflector eliminating interference caused by backlobes and rejecting noise when multiple base-stations are co-located on a single tower. Apart from radio frequency (RF) shielding, the metal housing works as a heatsink, allowing better RF performance by dissipating the heat generated by the radio. What’s more, units like the Integrated RapidFire have a 45 degree rotation option of the mounting bracket, which enables installers to change the polarity of the radio frequency put out by the units, which reduces interference even more.”

Game on

Marco concludes, “We are confident that breaking ground in a new product class is going to strengthen our position even more. We are also pleased to be able to bring a range of products to the local market that offer a very strong performance to cost ratio.”

For more information contact Marco Della Peruta at Sensor Security Systems:

+27 (0)11 314 9419


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